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Blog comment spam is annoying, and I cannot believe it actually works, I would really like to know who the person that is actually approving spam comments on their website. I don’t know that I would actually like to meet the guys that is ordering generic CIALIS from an Indian pharmacy.

I don’t know what it is about this particular domain name, but it seems to draw a lot of interest from all sorts of scammers Russian girls that want to meet me, that would upset my wife a lot. Special deals on various cryptocurrencies, some that I don’t think exist, get me in on the ground-floor of FTX. CBD special two for one deals, SEO experts that can guarantee me page 1 on Google searches. Then there are the ones that offer me top dollar for my domain name, I almost forgot that I can make money fast on NFT’s.


The Impact

Spam hits this site at the rate ~800 a week, that get past the filters and other defenses that I just select all and delete all the comments. Tweak the tools, wait a week or 2 and come back better or worse and repeat the process. If you have left a legitimate comment over the years, I apologize. I would really like to get the spam levels down to a level that I can manage, I will actually start posting real content, otherwise…

I am spending money on this that I don’t genuinely want to, to protect against spam


I did actually look at a couple that hit on a post I made a Locomotive with a cool paint job and the comments, with some links to terrible places, were like just stupidity. Some days I just would truly like to reach out and slap them, and other days I would like to make them a business proposition to help them be not so stupid, but I have morals and ethics, oh joy :-).

Spammers use a few different tactics to try to get their comments past blog owners and onto the internet. One common approach is to use automated software to post large numbers of comments on a wide range of blogs and websites. These comments often contain irrelevant or unrelated links, and are easy for bloggers to spot and delete. However, some spammers employ more sophisticated methods, such as posting relevant and seemingly legitimate comments that contain hidden links or promotional messages. I just would like them to go bother someone else for a while.

Fortunately, there are numerous steps that bloggers can take to help reduce the amount of comment spam they receive. Using a plugin or service that helps filter out spam comments, such as Akismet or Antispam Bee, can be effective at catching many automated spam comments. Additionally, using captcha to verify that comments are being posted by humans rather than bots can also be helpful. Moderating comments and disallowing links in comments can also help to reduce the amount of spam that makes it onto a blog. Finally, using the “nofollow” attribute can help to reduce the effectiveness of comment spam as a way to boost the spammer’s own search engine rankings.

The Future

One of the things I have thought of is turning off comment moderation, create a couple of posts utilizing all those really attractive words that spammers like, and basically cast this domain into blacklist hell. I have spent too much money on this exercise to just give it up on it like that.

I think I will just continue plodding along, purging the comment queue until it stops. New post coming soon, like in a couple of hours.

I have babbled on long enough! So, I apologize if you left a comment and I purged it.

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