The 310th

A Spitfire of the 310th RAF Squadron, flown by Czechoslovakian Partisans during WW II, on display at the National Technical Museum. The 310th was the first RAF squadron to be manned by foreigners. during the war, the squadron racked up nearly 70 confirmed kills and 14 probables, including several V-1 flying bombs. After the war, the squadron was transferred to Czechoslovakia, where it was absorbed into what became the Czechoslovakian Air Force.

If you are in Prague, with some free time, and want a little more contemporary history, I highly recommend visiting the Czech Technical Museum.

Czech Spitfire
Czech Spitfire


  • Max Speed: 370 MPH
  • Range: 479 Miles
  • Combat Range: 248 Miles
  • Maximum Altitude: 36,500 Feet
  • Climb Rate: 2,600 Feet per Minute

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