No, not the airplane, but the road from Appomattox to Phenix in Charlotte county.

Red House Road 727
Red House Road

The Route

727 runs North and South for 21 miles (ca. 34 km) between Appomattox in Appomattox County to the town of Phenix in Charlotte county. Rolling through some charming farmland.

The Amish

The area around 727 and other roads in the area are inhabited by Amish families, that use the roads with their horse-drawn buggies. They do their best to stay to the right, but there have been several cases where an inattentive driver has hit a buggy, in one case killing almost an entire family.

The Reason

The reason we were out there on 727 was we had to take care of some business in Appomattox. I also made an insane decision to only take my smaller cameras, GoPro’s iPhone and Insta360 x3 when we go to the Czech Republic in a few months. We will be moving around a lot and I don’t need to haul around all the extra weight.

I have a number of GoPro cameras, from the Hero 4 on up to and including the GoPro 11, and pretty much o date have only used them when I was feared damaging my more expensive cameras. I am now essentially relearning how to do certain things with a smaller camera.

The Issues

This is a really recent decision, and the biggest issue I have seen so far is the noise, and they have more grain than I am comfortable with when I dig deep. After messing with the shots I took, I dislike that I have to add a step to process the GPR (GoPro Raw Format), into a format I can work with.

I will update as I progress.