I was reviewing some old archives, from 2009, and I found this incredible sight: a Tree in a tree. While going through these old records, I made certain to check that the images were still in pristine condition, and luckily, they are all intact. After transferring them to a different drive, I diligently refreshed the copies in the cloud storage. Although I yearn to revisit this incredible scene, unfortunately, the images are not geotagged. I can say that I know the general location, but pinpointing it precisely is a challenge.

Tree in a tree

It is always cool to find things like this, where nature says up yours to mankind.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the GPS files from these photos, handy, but I know these were taken at the legendary Smiths Creek in Chesapeake, or the infamous Oakum Creek in Virginia Beach. I would bet money on Oakum Creek, as its murky waters always attract the liveliest spirits. As for the exact time, these spooky snapshots were captured in late April, but for any further details, you’ll have to wait for me to conjure up the database that powered my ghostly website. R.I.P., old website, you shall rise again!